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Y Teulu Mawr - Morus yr Arwr Mawr

Y Teulu Mawr - Morus yr Arwr Mawr

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Meet the Large family – they have big dreams, high hopes and enormous piles of washing! Mrs Large dashes about like a whirlwind looking after the kids, while Mr Large is an oasis of tranquillity in the mayhem that surrounds him. Their four children are selfstyled ‘coolest nine year old in town’ Lester, resourceful and creative Laura, bright spark Luke and mischievous baby Lucy. Episodes - *Coginio Cacen *Cynlluniau Malan *Gwarchod Pawb *Mabolgampau *Cof fel Eliffant *Mam yn ei Gwely *Morus yr Arwr Mawr *Hawdd fel Baw Extra Features - *2 Jigso 9 Darn *2 Jigso 16 Darn *Cyfarfod y teulu Mawr Length - approx. 90 minutes. Language - Welsh. Colour - Full Colour. Certificate - Uc.

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