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Trebor Edwards

Un Dydd Ar Y Tro

Un Dydd Ar Y Tro

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This latest collection of songs by Trebor Edwards confirms the amazing appeal of this farmer from the hills above Corwen in Mid-Wales. Since his voice was first heard on record some five years ago, his success has swept through Wales, until it can now be said with confidence that he is Wales’ most popular tenor since the days of David Lloyd.

Presenters of Welsh radio request programmes confirm that at least a quarter of their post-bag is for songs by Trebor Edwards. If you have not yet had the privilege of hearing him, this record presents Trebor’s sweet voice and lyric gifts at their best. The twelve songs are carefully chosen for their lovely melodies and affecting verses. As you listen, you will be in good company: for thousands in every corner of Wales, and beyond its borders, are listening with you.

Side 1

  1. Hwyrgan
  2. Y Bugail Mwyn
  3. Cofia fi
  4. Ef a Wylodd
  5. Cymru Annwyl
  6. Un Dydd Ar Y Tro

Side 2

  1. Cusan Cymod
  2. Lausanne
  3. Dweud am y Blodau
  4. Tyrd ataf yn ôl
  5. I’ll Walk Beside You
  6. Pan Oeddwn yn Ifanc Ein Dau



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