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Rhys Meilyr

Rhoi’r Wên yn Ôl

Rhoi’r Wên yn Ôl

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Rhys Meilyr – English and Welsh favourites sung by the Anglesey treble This is Rhys’ second album, following closely on the success of his first. Both have grown out of his remarkable successes on the eisteddfod and concert platforms. His first album brought him wide acclaim, and he was invited by Wynne Evans (‘Gio Compario’) to launch his own album at the Lyric theatre, Carmarthen, and also invited for the second year running to represent Wales at the Paris Welsh Festival. He was recently the guest soloist at Manchester’s ‘Thousand Voices’ concert, and has made several TV appearances over the last year. His voice has matured during the year since the first album, but his natural artistry remains, aided by his tutors Sharon Evans, Olwen Jones and Leah Owen, to whom Rhys is always keen to express his gratitude. Rhys also pays a special tribute to Annette Bryn Parri for her accompaniment and advice during the making of his new recording, and to Ynyr Llwyd for composing a song specially for Rhys.

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