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The South Wales Male Choir



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Côr Meibion De Cymru (The South Wales Male Choir) can reflect proudly on over 30 years of music making. The Choir has an uncommon structure with music learning groups at different locations across South Wales and over the order. Many of our choristers regularly travel long distances to attend the group sessions and the full choir rehearsals. Over the years, the Choir has successfully achieved the objective of furthering the performance and appreciation of male choral music both inside and outside the UK. CMDC has performed widely within the UK and has regularly undertaken overseas concert tours to various countries around the world. The Choir is also proud of its record in helping to raise funds for charitable causes. This album, the third CD recorded by the Choir, follows the very popular earlier releases: ‘Anthem’ and ‘Inspirations’. We hope that ‘Reflections’ likewise will give its listeners much enjoyment.

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