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Oli Dan y Don - Y Storm Fawr

Oli Dan y Don - Y Storm Fawr

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Join Oli and his best friend, Beth, and explore their spectacular underwater world. There is never a dull moment in Oli’s world! Beth has a plan to warn her friends about an upcoming storm, but inadvertantly fails to warn Warden. This results in Warden and his herd of squid being scattered everywhere! Now Beth must recruit the help of her friends to round them back up again. Episodes 01. Y Morfil Bach 02. Bachyn Beth 03. Casglu Cregyn 04. Tadcu Twm 05. Y Storm Fawr 06. Pwy yw’r Bos 07. Sgïo ar y Dŵr 08. Rodeo’r Warden Extra Features Missing Game 1 9 Pc Jigsaw 1 16 Pc Jigsaw

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