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Myffin y Mul (1) - Seren Wib

Myffin y Mul (1) - Seren Wib

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Join Muffin the Mule and his friends in the land of Muffinham for 10 adorable stories of friendship problem solving amd most of all - fun!!! WISH UPON A STAR There's a buzz of excitement in Muffinham after a shooting star light up the night sky. While Muffin the Mule and Louise the Lamb make their wishes, Monty the Monkey overhears and comes up with an idea that is bound to cause trouble. Mean while, Peregrine the Penguin decides to build a telescope to study the stars. Only instead of constellations he sees a scary, pink, wiggly alien coming to invade alien which bears a striking resemblance to a certain worm - Willie!!! And 9 other episodes; *THE PARTY *MUFFIN'S DAY OFF *NO PLACE LIKE HOME *PEREGRINE HELPS OUT *MOVING HOUSE *WHODUNNIT *OSWALDS'S GARDEN PARTY *OSWALD'S BIG EGG *MUFFIN'S PHOTO SHOOT Length - approx. 102 minutes. Language - Welsh. Colour - Full Colour. Certificate – Uc

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