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Ryland Teifi

Man Rhydd

Man Rhydd

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Welsh multi award winning singer-songwriter and actor Ryland Teifi releases his fourth solo album, ‘Man Rhydd’ – a new collection of songs sung in his native tongue, Welsh, and also in English, and recorded in Ireland with producer Graham Clancy. His debut album ‘Heno’ released in 2005 along with subsequent albums received critical praise both in the UK and in the States and in 2006 Ryland was awarded ‘Welsh songwriter of the year’. As an actor, he recently appeared in Hinterland (BBC, S4C, Netflix) and the award winning film The Library Suicides and has just co-produced an international show of music and narrative called Waters Wide. The show is set to tour the UK in 2017 and will feature traditional material from Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Ryland admits that music, and folk music in particular, has always been in his blood. His father was a folk singer who ran his own folk club and was therefore influenced by a home filled with music – from local Welsh musicians to records by Nat King Cole and Johnny Cash. His marriage to fellow musician, Roisin Clancy, daughter of the late Bobby Clancy of the Clancy brothers, brought a further Celtic influence to his music. Ryland now resides in Ann Rinn, West Waterford with his wife and three daughters. Ryland sees ‘Man Rhydd’ (Free Place or Free Man; ‘….as a meeting place, a free place. It’s inherently mystical and imaginary. If you picture a patch of land between West Wales and Wexford, you’re probably there. It doesn’t exist and yet it does. It’s old words and new. It’s the place I find myself in.’

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