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The Phoenix

Having a Good Time

Having a Good Time

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The Phoenix was formed 2 years ago by a group of men who wanted to move Welsh choral singing forward to keep it relevant for present and future audiences. They were determined to widen repertoire and sing new arrangements. The accolades for the choirs who appeared in “Last Choir Standing” showed that the public was ready for change. The Phoenix men therefore asked Siân Pearce to be their Musical Director because they wanted her fresh and innovative approach and her outstanding conducting and teaching ability. The fledgling choir has had to work very hard to put together a very varied repertoire from scratch. It has also attracted new members, some of whom had no previous choral experience but who were inspired by the principles the Phoenix had adopted. Despite its newness the choir has undertaken over 60 engagements in just over 2 years and is able to offer an entertaining repertoire to appeal to all ages. The Phoenix is also well known for the energy and enthusiasm it brings to its performances. Their mixture of traditional and modern provides a variety which audiences enjoy. One of the first pieces the new choir learned was an arrangement of Queen’s “Dont Stop Me Now” which the arranger gifted to them. It has become the choir’s unofficial motto and the line “Having a Good Time” provides the title to this, their first album and represents the philosophy of the choir

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