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Yr Hwntws



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Sain is proud to announce the imminent release of one of the most exciting folk albums for years, to celebrate the coming of the National Eisteddfod to Ebbw Vale. Gregg Lynn, who was brought up in the town, and his group Yr Hwntws present a great collection of 18 songs, mainly from Gwent and Glamorgan, and most of them sung in the beautiful local Welsh dialect “Gwentian”, which gives its title to the album. Full background information on all the songs in the CD booklet. “The group’s name HWNTWS denotes ‘South Walians’ and their repertoire is largely of traditional songs and music from Glamorgan and Gwent. Such is the respect of the HWNTWS for linguistic authenticity that they have reproduced the now almost extinct regional dialect of many of these songs — Gwentian.” D.Roy Saer

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