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Ffi a'i Ffrindiau (3) - Cacwn Siocled

Ffi a'i Ffrindiau (3) - Cacwn Siocled

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CHOCOLATE SURPRISE Fifi has promised to make a cake for the Flowertot Garden party. Only she hasn't got any eggs. She leaves Pip guarding the chocolate cream filling while she goes to get some. What could go wrong?Lots if Stingo and Slugsy are around!! PIP LEARNS TO DANCE Fifi is getting the Garden ready for the Floertots disco that night. Pip desperatley want to learn to dance in time. He visits everyone in the garden to see if they can give him some tips on how to wow the crowd on the dance floor. FIFI'S BIG CRUNCH DAY The Flowertots have all grown crunchy fruit and vegetables for big crunch day, to keep their teeth healthy and stong. Only Bumble's peas have gone mushy, they'll never be of any use now. Or will they?? SOUP OF THE DAY It is a cold day at Flowertots Garden. Fifi is about to make soup, when Primrose takes over. She can be very particular about the ingredients for her perfect pea soup!! BIG BAND NIGHT The day has dawned for the Flowertots concert. But Fifi has a sore throat and Bumble's drums have gone missing, along with his honey which they need to cure Fifi's throat. Will the concert have to be cancelled?? DVD EXTRA 5 fun sing along songs Length - approx. 70 minutes. Language - Welsh. Colour - Full Colour. Certificate - Uc

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