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Lowri Evans

Dydd a Nos

Dydd a Nos

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One comes to know a good voice like an old friend. A voice so distinct and special, that sings as easy as one breathes. The ear embraces them and notes dance like never before. Lowri Evans’ voice is like part of the family here in Wales, and her new bilingual album, Dydd a Nos (Rasal), meaning day and night, will certainly extend that family beyond the border. The album title conveys the range of emotions and styles used by Lowri; from jazz, pop, country, folk to Americana. Dydd a Nos is her fourth album, and her experience and musical maturity shines through. After performing non stop at festivals such as The Green Man Festival, Wychwood Festival and Acoustic Music of Britain; supporting names such as Cara Dillon and Martin Simpson; coming second in 2008’s Cân I Gymru competition and managing to work 9-5, the album title also conveys Lowri’s busy life style! Here we have a delicate variety of love songs, as well as songs that offer words of wisdom, such as ‘Rhywbeth Gwell na Hyn’ (Better Than This). ‘Torri Syched’ deals with the challenges facing musicians when performing in noisy pubs. The sound of the pedal steel guitar in ‘How Do You Do’ gives us a taste of Hawaii and ‘Pob Siawns’ (Every Chance), which reached the final 8 in 2010’s Cân I Gymru competition, encourages the listener to make the most of every opportunity that life has to offer. Why not let ‘merch y myny’, the girl from the mountain charm you with here voice, lead you from sorrow to joy, Day and Night.

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