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Dwndwr / The Great Noise

Dwndwr / The Great Noise

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The CD features 12 tracks, plus a bonus CD with 3 x DVD surround-sound tracks, and 1 DVD video Many of the tracks featured on ‘Dwndwr / The Great Noise’ have been influenced or drawn from specific sources found at the National Library of Wales. Folk music traditions in Wales during the last three centuries were more often than not the target for the venom of the religious revivalists and reformers. They deemed dancing sinful, and all music profane, unless it was respectable and praised the Almighty. Needless to say, this led to a great decline in Welsh traditional music, and indeed even to the death of several aspects of folk culture in Wales. However, the tradition was lucky enough to have many folk musicians who collected and wrote down many tunes which would otherwise have been lost to today’s generation of music lovers. Crasdant have given a number of these traditional Welsh folk tunes a new life and an opportunity to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide. The album also includes a DVD containing 3 tracks from the album in surround sound format along with a video of the track ‘Pibddawns Trefynwy / Monmouth Hornpipe’ with Huw Williams (the Crasdant member responsible for the guitar playing and good humour!) clog dancing to the accompaniment of the band. Maartin Allcock, renowned multi-instrumentalist and producer known for his performances with Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention, Mike Harding and more, produced and guest appeared on the album (you’ll see him on the DVD playing the acoustic bass guitar!). Crasdant have recently toured Wales and Ireland with the Irish band, Téada as special guests – Crasdant will be touring the USA and UK next year promoting their new album. This innovative new album confirms and enhances Crasdant’s status as the leading instrumental band to come out of Wales in decades.

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