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Maffia Mr Huws

Croniclau'r Bwthyn

Croniclau'r Bwthyn

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The Bethesda rock band raised the bar in the 1980s with their exciting brand of Welsh rock and energetic musicianship. This is a new collection of their best tracks. “The long, curly-haired rockers are the future of Gwalia now…” A selection of 20 classics recorded by the rock band from Bethesa between 1982 – 1989. It is not an over-statement to say that the Welsh Rock Scene as we know it today would have vanished by the late 1980s if it wasn’t for Maffia Mr Huws. (Rhys Mwyn) I would like to welcome the “Best of…” album and can assure you that you will enjoy the collection. Please tell all of your friends to Buy, Buy, Buy! (Geraint Jarman) Maffia created a massive earthquake during the mid twentieth century. But, look out – there are strong trembles still present today! (Dafydd Rhys) The songs originally appeared on the following releases: Sesiwn Sosban 1982 – Gitâr yn y to / Reggae Racs 1982 – Hysbysebion (Pesda Roc) 1983 – Yr Ochor Arall 1983 – Da Ni’m Yn Rhan O’th Gêm Fach Di 1984 – Nid diwedd y gân / Newyddion heddiw 1985 – Taith y Carcharorion – Geraint Jarman/Maffia Mr. Huws 1986 – Awe ‘fo’r Micsar 1987 – Byw yn Braf yn Gibraltar 1988 – Twthpêst Ozone Ffrendli 1989 – Ffrindiau (2) 2003

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