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Various Artists

Ar Noson Fel Hon

Ar Noson Fel Hon

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Memorable songs from Welsh Language musical of recent years Artists from Wales have starred in many West End musicals over the past decade and more: John Owen Jones, Michael Ball, Connie Fisher, Mark Evans, Daniel Evans, to name but a few. What is not so well known is that Wales has an active scene of musicals in the Welsh language – where many of the above artists learnt their trade. This new CD compilation from SAIN contains 17 outstanding songs from these Welsh musicals, sung by many of Wales’ best known singers and theatre choruses, including Ysgol Glanaethwy, which came second in the BBC’s “Last Choir Standing” series. The subject matter ranges from the ‘Mabinogion’, Wales’ treasury of medieval fables, through religious themes to the youth of the present day, with outstanding stories from the history of Wales for good measure. It is a great collection of songs, showing the best of modern Welsh musicals, and will be appreciated by all fans of the genre, and anyone who enjoys good music, and fine singing.

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