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Amser am Un Gân Arall...

Amser am Un Gân Arall...

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The Rasal label is five years old this year and to celebrate the occasion a compilation CD, Amser am un gân arall (Time for another song), will be released featuring some of the artists from the Rasal, Gwymon and Copa labels. By celebrating the past, the label is also looking forward to the future and is pleased to announce that the full catalogue of all 3 labels (Rasal, Gwymon and Copa) will now be available for download on all the major stores – from Amazon, iTunes and HMV to Spotify and 7digital. The label’s manager, Guto Brychan, said, “Rasal was established in 2004, followed by Copa and Gwymon in 2007 to diversify the variety of music being released. Many of the main artists in the Welsh language music scene now reside with one of the three labels. Yet, the compilation doesn’t include a song by each of our artists. We’ve tried to choose tracks that have made the most impact over the past five years.” One band appearing on this CD is Winabego who were at the height of their success in 2005. Winabego’s bassist, Meic Parry, said, “This compilation sums up the music from the last five years very well. It’s great to be part of the album and we’re proud of the song – I think it shows us at our best.” Rasal, Copa and Gwymon have achieved success over their early years and are now looking towards the future. Guto said, “New material on its way in 2010 includes Gwibdaith Hen Fran, Yr Ods, Sibrydion, The Gentle Good, Lleuwen, Al Lewis Band, Huw M and Richard James. It promises to be another busy year for the labels.”

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