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Caryl Lewis & Catrin Mara

Cyfres Pen Dafad 2 - Iawn Boi? / Ceri Grafu

Cyfres Pen Dafad 2 - Iawn Boi? / Ceri Grafu

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CERI GRAFU by Bethan Gwanas. Ceri feels like a fish in a bucketfull of snails. The teachers are nasty, the girls are stupid, and the boys won’t let her play football! NOBODY gives her a chance! The series Pen Dafad consists of thrilling volumes for teenagers by a variety of young authors. Here are two stories in a treble CD pack. IAWN BOI? by Caryl Lewis. Catrin lives in the countryside but her nerves are terrible. She is stressed out with the GCSE exams as well as listening to all her friend’s crisis. Caryl Lewis comes from Dihewyd and she reads her own work.

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