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Rhys Meirion

Yn D'oed a D'amser’

Yn D'oed a D'amser’

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RELEASE DATE - 02/08/2024

A few years ago, the presenter and classical singer felt that there was something missing from his musical experiences. "I have been so fortunate to have so many fantastic experiences so far", says Rhys, "from being the youngest headteacher in the country to being accepted on the Opera course at The Guildhall School of Music without any prior music qualifications, and then joining English National Opera as principal tenor and taking on the roles of my dreams - Rodolfo (La Boheme) Alfredo (La Traviata) The Duke (Rigoletto) Ernani, Tamino (Magic Flute) Nemorino (L'elesir D'amore) and many more. I have performed as a soloist in amazing venues such as Carnegie Hall (New York), Sydney Opera House, The Colosseum, Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Glyndebourne and the Millenium Centre, Cardiff." 

But Rhys felt that there was a definite gap and something else that he needed to achieve. Taking inspiration from a chat he had with Lleuwen Steffan while filming the series Deuawdau Rhys Meirion (Rhys Meirion Duets), in 2017, Rhys decided to go for it, and for the first time, he started to experiment with composing his own songs. He bought an acoustic guitar and after listening to the Italian guitarist and singer, Debora Morgante, performing on Canu Gyda Fy Arwr (Singing with my Hero), he went on to buy an electric guitar, and started to learn a few chords. "I have been a fan for many years of the great blues and rock guitarists, expecially Stevie Ray Vaughan, and of course Mike Peters, from The Alarm", says Rhys, "and by Spring 2022 I knew that I would be performing with Mike on one of the episodes in my series, Canu Gyda fy Arwr, and so I decided to really concentrate on learning the guitar." Mike and Rhys performed the song Cariad, Gobaith a Nerth (Love, Hope and Strength) together and released the song as a charity single, with Rhys showing off his new skills on the electric guitar.      

By August 2023 Rhys had turned his garage into a recording studio, had composed five original songs and had started recording, with his wife, Nia, and his daughters, Elan and Erin, and son, Osian, singing backing vocals. Rhys played electric and acoustic guitar, and bass on all tracks. He then headed off to Stiwdio Sain to put some finishing touches on the songs, and to add some contributions by Osian Huw Williams (drums), Aled Wyn Hughes (bass), and Morris Pleasure (piano). Mo Pleasure has played in Michael Jackson's band, and with Janet Jackson and Bette Midler. He has also been the musical director for Earth Wind and Fire for over 15 years.  

The songs on the EP are very personal to Rhys. A few words about each song: 

Da Ni Yna i Chdi (We are there for you)
I lost my sister, Elen, in April 2012, and my mother in October 2015. Losing both so close to each other was hard. They both died suddenly and there was no time to take their hand, to thank them and to tell them how much I appreciated and loved them. In this song I am turning to my father and holding his hand while telling him how much I love him. It was very special to have my daughters, Elan and Erin, singing with me on this song. 

Thomas Richards
The renowned poet, Thomas Richards, was my great grandfather. He won the Englyn competition at the National Eisteddfod twice - in Pen-y Bont ar Ogwr in 1948, with Y Ci Defaid (The Sheepdog), and in Llangefni, in 1957, with Yr Ysgyfarnog (The Hare). I never met him, but my mother and my grandmother always spoke of him, and I have alwasy had a vivid picture of him and have always appreciated his talent, and therefore always felt a strong connection with him.  

Ti’m yn Byw er eu Mwyn (You don't live for them)
One of the things that I detest is prejudice. It is such a negative virtue and can be present in communities as well as in individuals. People often complain, mock and scorn for no real reason, only because something or someone is seen as being 'different'. Prejudice has shattered dreams and has confined society in so many ways. In this song I urge everyone to be who they want to be, without worrying about what people might think or say. At the end of the day 'you don't live for them'. It was a privilege to have Mo Pleasure joining me on the piano in this 12-bar blues song.  

Fel Haul a Machlud (Like the sun and the setting of the sun
This is a love song to my wife, Nia. We have been married for 29 years and living together for all these years has brought us closer and closer. As it says in the song, 'every day together is precious, and our souls are intertwined'. 

Tra Ti’n Dileu dy Hanas (While you delete your history)
One of the saddest things for me is to see a great potential go to waste. Often, a chance has passed us by without us even realizing. Mobile phones have changed our lives dramatically, and looking at people glued to their phone screens as they go about their daily lives worries me. It is a universal problem. We forget to live our lives! Erin, my daughter, as well as Nia, my wife, joins me on this song. 


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