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Yr Hwntws

Y Tribanwr

Y Tribanwr

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‘Yr Hwntws’ (meaning – The South Walians) are a folk band from South Wales. Their repertoire includes traditional songs and tunes that originate from Glamorgan and Gwent. The songs are sung in an ancient dialect known as “Gwenhwysig” or “Gwentian.” “Yr Hwntws” is made up of Gregg Lynn (vocals and guitar), Nia Lynn (vocals, percussion), Bernie KilBride (fiddle), Imogen O’Rourke (flute and vocals), Dan B. James (guitar and mandocello) and Dean Ryan (double bass, bass guitar). Gregg Lynn founded the band in the early 1980s and over the years they have toured extensively in Europe as well as appearing on BBC, S4C and Radio Cymru. During the last few months Gregg has spent hours of his time researching old Welsh manuscripts and songbooks at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth collecting examples of the unique “Triban Morgannwg” poetic form. The old poets and singers used the tribans as a means of con-veying stories about ordinary people – they are funny, sad, irreverent and punchy. The musicians infused the poetry with symphonies (short refrains of varying lengths) between the lines which were sung. History notes that the tribans were sung by ox drivers as a way of motivating the oxen whilst ploughing. They would also shout chants like MAHO! (Onwards!) Yr Hwntws continue to develop the tribans in this way – highlighting the musical and lyrical with as much punch as ever. Their new album ‘Y Tribanwr’ (the triban man) is a collection of over 70 tribans assembled and ar-ranged to traditional songs and tunes by Nia Lynn and Bernie Killbride. ‘Y Tribanwr’ was recorded at Felin Fach studio, Abergavenny with Dylan Fowler engineering and Nia Lynn producing. ‘Yr Hwntws’ have a short tour coming up and will celebrate the release of the album with a performance at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, September 28th – the album will be re-leased the same day.

  1.  Ym Mhontypridd mae 'Nghariad
  2.  Aradwr a'i Ychen
  3.  Bro Morgannwg
  4.  Cymeriadau / Alaw Triban
  5.  Y Mwlsyn
  6.  Y Folantein / Y Bibddawns Gymreig
  7.  Hannar Cnap
  8.  Tribannau Priodasau / Y Lili
  9.  Ffarwel i Dai'r Cantwr
  10.  Adar Di-Ofal / Alaw Pontypridd
  11.  Tribannau Ifan Bifan
  12.  Diawledig a Nefolaidd / Pibddawns Gwŷr Wrecsam
  13.  Y Coliar
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