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Y Mab Darogan

Y Mab Darogan

Y Mab Darogan

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Cwmni Theatr Ieuenctid Maldwyn presents.

The presentation of Y Mab Darogan was based on the story of Owain Glyndŵr. It is opened by conjecture the state of the country and its people: a dark time indeed. But even in the darkest hour, the poets and astronomers predicted a leader for Wales. 'Owain Glyndŵr was an heir, and his home in Sycharth was renowned throughout the country as a civilized and cultured court. It was not unthinkingly that Owain decided to lead his people in rebellion. He tried to resolve and improve the situation of his country peacefully, and failed. Alien attitudes too, and events in other countries affected his decision. For his wife and family, that decision was a fateful one.

After the success of the rebellion, and the establishment of Owain as leader of his country, Death pronounced his broad vision for his despotism. A Parliament was established and the position of the Church was discussed; Social and educational nuggets were highlighted. It also comes human weaknesses to disrupt the dream. Though Owain himself disappeared, the dream is alive, and the hero in the hearts of the Welsh forever - And you are the green spring.

After the company's huge success at the Machynlleth Eisteddfod, Mab Prediction was taken on a journey through Wales. Performing on the Pavilion stage was an entirely new experience, and equally new to appear on the country's stages. Adapting the presentation for different theatres, it was won because of the intimacy of the audience, and the response was thrilling everywhere.

Side 1

  1. Welsoch chi (Y Bardd a’r Corws)
  2. Y Mab Darogan (Y Corws)
  3. Y Geni (Y Llais Gwyn a’r Corws)
  4. Oes ‘na ddigon o win? (Betsan a chriw’r gegin)
  5. Cân Sycharth (Y Bardd a’r Corws)
  6. Y Cynllun (Rheinallt, Gwilym Tudur, Rhys Tudur, Rhys Gethin, Crach, Owain)
  7. Y Penderfyniad (Owain a Mared)
  8. Heno sylweddolais (Marged a’r Morwynion)

Side 2

  1. Bedd heb yfory (Owain a Marged)
  2. Ie Glyndŵr! (Owain a’r Corws)
  3. Ond Gruffydd beth a ddaw? (Elin a Gruffydd)
  4. Llosgwn Gaer y gormes (Crach, Gruffydd, Marged, Owain a’r Corws)
  5. Y Senedd - Mae pawb eisiau darn o’r gacen - Y Bardd, Crach a’r Corws)
  6. Dyma fy mreuddwyd (Owain a’r Corws)
  7. Pa Bab? (Y Deon a’r Corws)
  8. Y gau a’r gwir (Crach, Owain, Marged, Rheinallt)
  9. Afeilion (Owain)

Owain Glyndŵr - Dafydd Penri Roberts

Marged (ei wraig) - Mererid Ll. Turner

Crach (proffwyd Owain) - Emyr Puw

Y Bardd - Barrie Jones

Gruffydd (Mab Owain) - Martin W Evans

Elin - Jayne Thomas

Rheinallt - Bedwyr Roberts

Rhys Gethin - Edfryn Lewis

Gwilym Tudur - Wyn John

Rhys Tudur - Geraint Jones

Deon - Robin Glyn Jones

Y Llais Gwyn - Eleri Roberts

Betsan - Gaenor Howells

Lowri - Ann O. Williams

Llys Gennad Ffrainc - Eilir Jones

Llys Gennad Yr Alban - Geraint Davies



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