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Gwenan Gibbard

Y Gorwel Porffor

Y Gorwel Porffor

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After an unforgettable trip over to the Colony during February and March this year, Gwenan was keen to sing about her experiences. She performed there, under the auspices of Arts International Wales, at the Patagonia Celtica Festival in Trevelin, the Andes, and also had the opportunity to perform in concerts in Trelew, Gaiman and Esquel.

The songs transport us on the mimosa's pioneering voyage to Porth Madryn beach and then back to Wales. There is a diverse collection reflecting personal experiences and new arrangements and installations by Gwenan of some of our most iconic poetry. The opening song is an arrangement of a selection from 'Patagonia', the audition that won R Bryn Williams the Chair of the Swansea National Eisteddfod, 1964. In it, we are reminded of the extraordinary initiative, disappointment, courage and perseverance of the first patriots. Then there's 'Don't you over?' - a song that echoes argentine indigenous music. We also have a new arrangement of the folk song 'Lisa Fach', a song made famous in Argentina by singer Rene Griffiths, and here in Wales by Ar Log. In this arrangement Wladfa singer and guitarist Alejandro Jones joins Gwenan in a fun version recorded during Alejandro and his brother Leonardo's recent visit to Wales. Gwenan and Alejandro sang a duet over in Y Wladfa back in March and the two took the opportunity to sing together again.

Also in the collection is a dant poem version, (live recording), of part of Gerallt Lloyd Owen's immortal poem, 'Cenedl' – a track recorded at the opening concert of Womex festival 2013, at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff. 'Gwawr' is the fruit of a dandelion music masterclass at Ty Gwerin , last year's Carmarthenshire National Eisteddfod, where rock musician Mei Gwynedd ventured on the old craft.
Following the success of the album 'Cerdd Dannau', this is another cutting-edge collection from Gwenan, giving an insight into the diversity of her musical activities over the past year.

  1. Patagonia
  2.  Ddoi di Draw?
  3.  Mesur Dyn
  4.  Gwawr
  5.  Cenedl
  6.  Lisa Fach
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