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Bryn Fôn

Y Goreuon (1994-2005)

Y Goreuon (1994-2005)

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18 memorable tracks by Wales’ premier rock balladeer from the 4 albums he released between 1994 and 2005. Bryn Fôn is one of Wales’ leading popular singers and performers, and he manages to do that most unusual feat of combining a successful singing career with that of a successful actor. His appeal as a performer is based on a faultless vocal technique and great songs; these songs are the work of some of the foremost Welsh composers of the day, including Emyr Huws Jones, Alun ‘Sbardun’ Huws and Rhys Parry. Bryn himself had a hand in 8 of these songs, and the other composers are, like Rhys Parry, all members of the various ensembles who have accompanied Bryn over the years: Barry ‘Archie’ Jones, Graham ‘La’ Land and Les Morrison. The 18 songs on this “Best of” compilation are taken from the four albums released by Bryn Fôn between 1994 and 2005 on the CRAI and ABEL labels.

  1. Ceidwad y goleudy
  2. Yn y dechreuad
  3. Coedwig ar dân
  4. Rebel wicend
  5. Tre’ Porthmadog
  6. Llythyrau Tyddyn y Gaseg
  7. Gwybod yn iawn
  8. Un funud fach
  9. Yn yr ardd
  10. Abacus
  11. Strydoedd Aberstalwm
  12. Noson ora ‘rioed
  13. Diwedd y gân
  14. Mistar ‘T’
  15. Cân i Ems
  16. Tân ar Fynydd Cennin
  17. Y Bardd o Montreal
  18. Cofio dy wyneb
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