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Steve Eaves a Rhai Pobl

Y dal yn dynn, y tynnu'n rhydd

Y dal yn dynn, y tynnu'n rhydd

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12 years since the release of Moelyci – an album which is considered a Welsh classic – Steve Eaves, and his band ‘Rhai Pobl’ (Some People), are back with a new album Y dal yn dynn, y tynnu’n rhydd (The tight hold, the pull free) The album is a collection of individual songs all inspired by various particular ideas or feelings. In Steve’s own words: “Only after composing numerous individual songs do I think which ones ‘relate’ to one another in terms of themes, nuance, and the feelings embedded in them. And that is how the content of each album becomes clear to me. I never set out to ‘create an album’ – only to compose songs. The compilation process comes after.” Steve is well known as one of the stalwarts of the Welsh music scene and has long established himself as a composer with an unquestionable talent to mould and marry lyrics perfectly to memorable tunes, and this album, once again, showcases this talent. As the title suggests, there is a tight hold on experiences, emotions and feelings, but they can also pull free and be dismembered. The title is derived from one of the songs on the album, ‘Ffair Wagedd’ (The Vainness Fair). As Steve explains in his analysis of the meaning of the title: “What ever the title means to you, well that’s the meaning. You will know better than me what the title means after you’ve listened to the songs. You unlock the door by listening – I don’t have a key. Of course, I have my own theories as well. Over the years I have noticed one particular pattern in life. In our hearts, we all hold tight onto the things we love – partners, love, babies, friends, mothers and fathers, dogs, good health, a tenderness, warm feelings, fun filled days, peaceful starry nights. And we have all felt the wrenching loss when these are lost, or pull free, or are pulled free from us, or release their hold on us. We all know this – and are bound to experience it sooner or later – it’s not complicated. But I understand and feel the pattern so much more after experiencing it many times. I think that many of the songs have arisen from these experiences, but it’s possible that others will understand the songs and title much better than me, as I have experienced before.” When Steve Eaves won the Special Contribution Prize in the BBC Radio Cymru Rock and Pop Awards in 2011, he said that he “liked to think … that his best work was yet to come”. The fact that he released his first album Viva la Revolucion Galesa! In 1984 says it all, and that he’s still going from strength to strength 35 years later. 

1 Pentref
2 Fel Ces I ’Ngeni I’w Wneud
3 Ma Copine
4 Difaru Nawr
5 Creÿr Glas A Heron
6 Y Ferch Yn Y Blue Sky Café
7 Titw Tomos Las
8 Catherine
9 Wedi Torri

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