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Mary Hopkin

The Early Recordings

The Early Recordings

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A long-awaited collection of Mary Hopkin’s early Welsh recordings, made when her voice was at it’s most pure. This collection of the first recordings made by the great Welsh singer Mary Hopkin is a treasure indeed. She emerged during the late 60’s as a Pontardawe schoolgirl with a crystal voice and natural talent. To the accompaniment of her own guitar, and with Welsh words written for her by one of her school-teachers, she breathed new life into familiar songs and stamped them with her own unique style. From appearances on BBC Wales television, she soon found herself in the studio recording these songs for the Pontardawe-based company Cambrian. Her fame spread with ease, and her voice captured the hears of no less than the Beatles, which led to recording sessions at the famous Abbey Road studios, and the world-wide hit “Those were the days”. But it is on these early recordings that the true voice of Mary Hopkin can be heard in its natural glory, a voice unrivalled in its effortless beauty.

  1. Tro, Tro, Tro
  2. Tami
  3. Yn y Bore
  4. Gwrandewch ar y Moroedd
  5. Pleserau Serch
  6. Draw Dros y Moroedd
  7. Aderyn Llwyd
  8. Y Blodyn Gwyn
  9. Rhywbeth Syml
  10. Tyrd yn Ôl
  11. Yfory
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