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Wyt Ti'n Meddwl Bod o Wedi Darfod?

Wyt Ti'n Meddwl Bod o Wedi Darfod?

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‘Wyt Ti’n Meddwl Bod o Wedi Darfod?’ (Do you think it’s all over?) combines the talents of Ciwb (Elis Derby, Gethin Griffiths, Marged Gwenllian and Carwyn Williams) and 9 of the most prominent singers on the Welsh music scene today. Together they have produced an album of new arrangements of 10 songs from the depth of Sain’s catalogue of tracks, each one showcasing individual musical talents and style. Having been very productive during lockdown, arranging new music and releasing a single with Malan (a new version of the classic Edward H Dafis song, ‘Smo Fi Ishe Mynd’), Ciwb worked on the idea of releasing a whole album of new arrangments and working with fellow performers on the scene. The album consists of songs from the 60s right through to the 90s and features songs originally sung by Heather Jones, Geraint Jarman, Huw Jones, Maffia Mr Huws, Tecwyn Ifan, Bando, Sobin a’r Smaeliaid, Hanner Pei, Siân James and Meic Stevens. The finished product is a tribute to the ever popular appeal of some of these truly great songs from decades gone by. Wyt Ti’n Meddwl Bod o Wedi Darfod? Do you think it’s all over? Listen to the album… Produced by Aled Wyn Hughes & Ciwb

1) Nos Ddu (Ciwb)
2) Gwawr Tequila (Mared Williams)
3) Methu dal y pwysa (Alys Williams)
4) Ofergoelion (Iwan Fon [Kim Hon]) 
5) Dagrau o waed (Osian Huw Williams [Candelas])
6) Rhydd (Heledd Watkins [HMS Morris])
7) Da ni’m yn rhan (Joseff Owen [Y Cledrau])
8) Pan ddo’i adre’n ol (Lilly Beau)
9) Ble’r aeth yr haul (Dafydd Owain (Palenco])
10) Mynd i ffwrdd fel hyn (Rhys Gwynfor)

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