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Dafydd Iwan

Ugain o'r Galon

Ugain o'r Galon

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When choosing the twenty tracks for this collection, I wanted to avoid those that are already on the 'Best' CD and choose songs that mean something special to me personally, and some of the songs that may not have been the attention they deserve. And much of the blame for that lies with myself, because performers like me tend to stick to a public set of songs that haven't changed much over the years. And that is then reflected on the media. But on reflection, many of the songs in this collection are closer to one's heart than the more 'obvious' favorites; and here I have a chance to explain why. Hope you enjoy them…

Dafydd Iwan, August 2018

  1.  Oscar Romero
  2.  I Ble'r Aeth Haul dy Chwerthin? (Cân Celt)
  3.  Gofyn am y Cyfan
  4.  Cân yr Aborijini
  5.  Cysura Fi
  6.  Symudwch y Bobol
  7.  Cân y Milwr
  8.  Mari Fach fy Nghariad
  9.  Cwyngan y Sais
  10.  Y Dref a Gerais i Cyd
  11.  Tra Bo Hedydd
  12.  Croeso Chwedeg Nain
  13.  Mae'n Disgwyl
  14.  Dos F'Anwylyd
  15.  Rhywbryd Fel Nawr
  16.  Awel yr Wylfa
  17.  Ciosg Talysarn
  18.  Cân i Helen
  19.  Bod yn Rhydd
  20.  Dal i Gredu
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