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The London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs

Towards the Dawn

Towards the Dawn

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DOUBLE CD – £12.98 “This year’s Festival was the best we have been involved with” Thus said the Chairman of the Cory Band, Austin Davies, after they had taken part in their third London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs in the Royal Albert Hall. The contents of this Double CD certainly supports his judgment. You the listener are in for a feast of musical excellence as the entire concert was of such a high standard that we have included all of it on this recording. Included is the first ever commercial recording of The Hero’s Journey, a work by the renowned Welsh composer Karl Jenkins with words by Grahame Davies. This piece was especially commissioned by the London Welsh Male Voice Choir to celebrate the award of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to the UK and to London in particular. For this 23rd Festival choirs came from England, Scotland and Wales and were joined by two young Welsh soloists, mezzo-soprano Caryl Hughes and tenor Wyn Davies, whose fine singing very much fulfilled one of the Festival’s original aims: to give prominence to up and coming Welsh musical talent. We welcomed back the Cory Band from the Rhondda Valley who are the No 1 Brass Band in the world, a position they have retained for the fifth consecutive year. Also rejoining us on piano was the superbly talented Annabel Thwaite, who worked hard throughout accompanying both soloists and the Festival Choir. The Master of the great organ again was Robert Nicholls. The Concert was under the inspired direction of a very talented young conductor in Edward-Rhys Harry, who is also the Musical Director of the London Welsh Male Voice Choir. If after hearing this double CD, you still want more, then please check the Choir website ( for the date of our next Royal Albert Hall Festival. In the meantime, enjoy the music!
David Williams Festival Chairman


  1. God Save the Queen
  2. Moab
  3. Stout-Hearted Men
  4. Shall We Gather at the River?
  5. Una voce poco fa
  6. Y Nefoedd
  7. Y Dref Wen
  8. When The Saints Go Marching In
  9. Una furtiva lagrima
  10. Yr Ydych yn Eistedd ar Ddeheulaw ein Duw
  11. O! Na Byddai’n Haf o Hyd
  12. The Hero’s Journey - i – The Call
  13. The Hero’s Journey - ii – The Journey
  14. The Hero’s Journey - iii – Trial & Triumph
  15. The Hero’s Journey - iv – Return


  1. Stabat Mater Suite - i – Sancta Mater
  2. Stabat Mater Suite - ii – Cantus Lacrimosus
  3. Stabat Mater Suite - iii – Ave Verum
  4. Stabat Mater Suite - iv – Paradisi Gloria
  5. Who Wants To Live Forever?
  6. The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves
  7. Rhys
  8. Tonight
  9. Anfonaf Angel
  10. Yr Anthem Geltaidd
  11. Take Me Home
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