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Yr Ods

Troi a Throsi

Troi a Throsi

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Some things are worth waiting for. A posh upgrade for your phone – no. Christmas morning – hm. A new release by one of Wales’s most prominent bands – now we’re talking. We’ve played Yr Ods’s year old EP until ‘Y Bel yn Rowlio’ fixed permanently in our brains. We’ve had an appetizing taster of some of their new songs during their numerous gigs. Our ears are now honed for Yr Ods’s brand new album Troi a Throsi. “As a band, we strongly believe that we shouldn’t stay in one place when it comes to sound and style,” says keyboardist Rhys Aneurin. “With this record, we aimed to mirror our live sound, using more guitars and synths, merging lots of different pop influences. We’ve also written lyrics that are more sinister than past lyrics. It’s a new chapter for us as a band; we’re very proud of this record.” One could say that Troi a Throsi nestles comfortably between Yr Ods’s early singles and their most recent EP. A tad more on the rock and roll side; tad less 80s pop music. Once again, the band shares the singing duties, with David Wrench both producing and mixing the album.

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