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Daniel Lloyd

Tro ar Fyd

Tro ar Fyd

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Daniel Lloyd, in a box Although an enthusiastic member of Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc, Daniel has decided to get down and personal with a solo album. RASAL is proud to announce Tro ar Fyd, a cluster of melodic songs co-composed with the producer Greg Parmer. Daniel, originally from Rhosllannerchrugog, is an accomplished singer songwriter having a consistent gift for composing radio-friendly pop tunes that find their way to the hearts of listeners. The album showcases 10 diverse tracks offering melodic rock, acoustic ballads and anthemic choruses. Daniel sings about everyday stuff and blends his themes of momentum, love, loss, grief and uncertainty. Daniel said, “The last two years have been different and exciting, bringing a range of new and important experiences to me. Experiences like leaving home and settling down and my highs and lows flow through the album.” Daniel and Greg share similar influences and their aim for this album was to blend different genres and styles. Daniel added, “I’m influenced by a range of different music and I wanted to reflect this in the album. There’s some rock, prog rock, folk, latin, country and jazz as well as acoustic tracks. It’s still a ‘guitar album’ but we’ve tried to expand the pallet a shade with percussion, backing vocals, bells, mellotrons, violins and pedal steels.” Recorded by Greg Parmer in SAIN, Llandwrog, the album showcases a talent to compose catchy and memorable songs that appeal to everyone.

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