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Trebor Edwards

Trebor at His Best

Trebor at His Best

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The tenor and farmer from Betws Gwerful Goch near Corwen, in Denbighshire, is one of the most popular singers of his era in Wales, and the appeal of his effortless singing voice, and natural charisma, has extended far beyond the boundaries of his native Wales. His first recordings were released on the “Ty ar y Graig” label in the mid 70s, and these were soon followed by a series of LPs on the SAIN label which took Welsh language record sales into new territories: “Dyma fy Nghân” (1976), “Cân y Bugail” (1978), “Un Dydd ar y Tro” (1980), “Ychydig Hedd” (1982), “Gwelaf dy Wên” (1984), “Diolch” (1986), “Edrych Ymlaen” (1990), “Ceidwad Byd” (1993), and “Ffefrynnau Newydd” (1998). On each album, one or two English tracks were included and these can now be heard on the CD “The Very Best of Trebor Edwards” (1997). His first Welsh compilation album “Goreuon Trebor”, was released in 1988, and this present compilation contains 20 of the most memorable songs recorded at SAIN Studios between the years 1976 and 1990. Trebor is presently working on a new album, to be released in 2008, the year he will be Honorary President of the Royal Welsh Show, and in introducing this present collection, we take the opportunity of thanking Trebor for his unequalled contribution to our musical entertainment for nigh on 40 years.

  1. Beibl Mam
  2. Serch, dyma fy nghân
  3. Clod i Walia
  4. Bro Edeyrnion
  5. Tyrd ataf yn ôl
  6. Ti a dy ddoniau
  7. Palmant y dref
  8. Fe fydd it groeso
  9. Rho dy law
  10. Gwelaf dy wên
  11. Mi glywaf y llais
  12. Yng nghwmni'r Iesu
  13. Afon Clwyd
  14. Mil harddach wyt na'r rhosyn gwyn
  15. Rhosyn gwyn
  16. Sicrwydd bendigaid
  17. Clychau Cantre'r Gwaelod
  18. Duw wyr
  19. O Blodwen f'anwylyd
  20. Pererin wyf
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