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Mynediad am ddim

Torth o Fara

Torth o Fara

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The five members of Mynediad am Ddim come from the four corners of Wales, and they formed the group while in college at Aberystwyth. Their first two records featured mainly new songs sung in close harmony accompanied by an exciting blend of guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Over the years, with regular performances on stage and TV, and tours of Brittany and Ireland, they have included more and more traditional Welsh songs in their repertoire. This LP is a selection of the best of these, arranged in a fresh and lively style. Most traditional Welsh songs express a haunting sadness, but on this record the accent is on the lively and light-hearted, with three jigs thrown in for good measure. They include three work songs, the black-smith (Migildi Magildi), the cow-boy (Cân Crwtyn y Gwartheg) and the shoe-maker (Y Cobler Du Bach), songs with catchy ‘nonsense’ refrains such as “Wrth Fynd efo Deio i Dywyn” and “Y Gelynnen”, and a good example of a round which is also a riddle, “Had Maip Môn”. Together, they provide refreshing proof of the popular revival which traditional songs enjoy in Wales to-day.

Side 1

  1. Wrth Fynd efo Deio i Dywyn
  2. Y ferch o blwy Penderyn
  3. Fflat Huw Puw
  4. Migildi Magildi
  5. Pibgorn
  6. Y G’lomen
  7. Bwthyn Nain
  8. Cân Crwtyn y Gwartheg

Side 2

  1. Gwn Dafydd Ifan
  2. Gorymdaith Gwŷr Dyfnaint
  3. Y cobler du bach
  4. Dacw ‘nghariad
  5. Cân Huw Puw
  6. Torth o fara
  7. Y gelynnen
  8. Castell coch
  9. Had Maip Môn

(Song lyrics leaflet included in the LP)


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