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Sarah Louise

Tir Na-Nôg

Tir Na-Nôg

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Sarah is currently a Creative Studies student at Bangor University, specializing in Creative writing and journalism. She has also had some poetry published. Sarah admires artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Dido and Alanis Morissette, who write their own music and attain a strong sense of individuality. She also likes the prominent piano sounds od Norah Jones. She had been playing the piano for years and writes most of her songs on the piano. Writing her own songs is very important to her and she is also very eager to get together and collaborate with other artists. She has a broad cultural background, with family roots in Poland and Ireland as well as Wales, and hopes that she can bring something new to Welsh music. It is a great pleasure that SAIN records presents the deut by young Caernarfon based singer-songwriter, Sarah Louise. Sarah has brought together a fresh blend of alternative country with subtle jazzy undertones. She is part of a new generation of young artists who are staying away from the manufactured scene and are trying hard to produce original ideas.

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