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The Welsh Gold Collection - Heartstrings

The Welsh Gold Collection - Heartstrings

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The harp is the national instrument of Wales, and its popularity is growing. Traditionally, the small Celtic version was the one most used by travelling minstrels and poets, and the form uniquely associated with Wales is the one with three rows of strings, Y Delyn Deires (The Triple Harp). During the last century, the larger “classical” harp took centre stage, with the growth of formal music education. But today, it can be fairly said that all three versions, and others as well, are being played all over the country, as solo instruments and as part of various ensembles and groups. This collection brings together many of Wales’ finest harpists, performing traditional Welsh melodies which have particular appeal to them. And as with most Welsh experiences, the heart features strongly: “Heartstrings” – affairs of the heart, played with vigour and style, on the strings of the harp!

  1. Pibddawns y mwnci/Y Dyrnwr (CRASDANT)
  2. Myfanwy (DYLAN CERNYW)
  3. Polcas Llewelyn Alaw [Polca Trecynon/Polca Aman/Ploca Llewelyn Alaw] (GWENAN GIBBARD)
  4. Cadwyn o alawon gwerin [Yr eneth ga'dd ei gwrthod/Dafydd y Garreg Wen/Y deryn pur] (DAFYDD HUW)
  5. Cogau Meirion [Caniad y gog i Feirionnydd/Pibddawns Sir Feirionnydd/Pibddawns y gog] (ROBIN HUW BOWEN)
  6. Y Maerdy/Pibddawns Merthyr (DELYTH JENKINS)
  7. Ar lan y môr (MEINIR HEULYN)
  8. Syr Harri Ddu (ELINOR BENNETT)
  9. Merch Megan (RHES GANOL)
  10. Ar hyd y nos (NIA JENKINS)
  11. Helfa'r draenog [Ladis Y Ddawns/Jig Eldra ] (ROBIN HUW BOWEN)
  12. Nant y mynydd/Bwlch Llanberis (GWENAN GIBBARD)
  13. Llydaw (AR LOG)
  15. Bugeilio'r gwenith gwyn (CATRIN FINCH)
  16. Llongau Caernarfon (MEINIR HEULYN)
  17. Conset Dafydd ap Gwilym/Symlen Ben Bys/Erddigan Tro'r Tant (TELYNAU BRO YSTWYTH)
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