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Saunders Lewis

Teyrnged i Saunders Lewis

Teyrnged i Saunders Lewis

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An extract from Theatr Yr Ymylon's stage tribute to Saunders Lewis on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 1973. Produced by George P Owen.

On the first side some of his passionate love for seeing him, his nation, and his fellow man - from whatever country that may be - is presented. I'm sure you'll also hear here and there the typical sneer of her subtle humor, and it may be felt under the fragile foundations of the occasional quip.

There is hardly a play by him that does not have a girl in a leading role. On the second side we focused on his masterful handling of search and love in four different scenes.

Only his words are heard, from the necessary optimism of 'Buchedd Garmon' in 1936, to the dark pessimism of 'Cymru Fydd' in 1967. It is presented as a tribute to him, and a challenge to you the listeners.

Side 1

  1. Frank Lincoln - Amddiffyniad yn y Llys - Rhan 1
  2. Islwyn Morris - Rhagarweiniad ‘BUCHEDD GARMON’
  3. Frank Lincoln - Amddiffyniad yn y Llys - Rhan 2
  4. Stewart Jones - ‘BYCHEDD GARMON
  5. Frank Lincoln - Amddiffyniad yn y Llys - Rhan 3
  6. Islwyn Morris - Rhagarweiniad i ‘GYMERWCH CHI SIGARET’
  7. Frank Lincoln, Lisabeth Miles - ‘GYMERWCH CHI SIGARET’
  8. Islwyn Morris - Rhagarweiniad i ‘CYMRU FYDD’
  9. Christine Pritchard, Michael Povey - ‘CYMRU FYDD’
  10. Islwyn Morris - Rhagarweiniad i ‘PROBLEMAU PRIFYSGOL’
  11. Christine Pritchard - ‘PROBLEMAU PRIFYSGOL’

Side 2

  1. Frank Lincoln, Lisabeth Miles - Blodeuwedd’
  2. Christine Pritchard, Stewart Jones - ‘SIWAN’
  3. Lisabeth Miles, Islwyn Morris - ‘Brad’
  4. Michael Povey - Rhan o ‘Ceiriog - Yr artist yn Philistia’
  5. Christine Pritchard, Stewart Jones -Dwy Briodas Ann’


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