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Tecwyn y Tractor

Tecwyn y Tractor (1)

Tecwyn y Tractor (1)

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****A CHANCE TO SEE THE ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE TRACTOR, THAT MOST CHILDREN IN WALES ENJOY ADVENTURES... ANOTHER 2 DVD RELEASED SOON IN THE SERIES ******* HAPPY BIRTHDAY It's someone's birthday on the farm but who coudl it be? Tecwyn searches high and low to find out. BAILING Bryn the Baler is busy on the farm harvesting, and Tecwyn has a great idea how to keep the crows away from the bales. SHEARING The men have come to do the shearing and Tecwyn does his best to help, but one of the sheep is trying to keep away from the noisy machinery. PICNIC Nanw and Cadi prepare a picnic for the beach but will they end up eating the feast? EXTRA FEATURE ***4 jigsaw 9 piece***** Length - approx. 55 minutes. Language - Welsh. Colour - Full Colour. Certificate - Uc

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