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E. Olwen Jones

Songs of the Slaves

Songs of the Slaves

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Olwen Jones has made several notable contributions to Welsh music, but none more important than this collection of songs. A treasury of great songs - albeit just a small sample of the vast body of slave songs - but more than that, Olwen has opened our eyes to their wider significance. They are the cultural expression of an oppressed people, but a people who were determined to survive, and to emerge from the darkness of slavery to the light of freedom. And for the first time perhaps, we can appreciate how these songs played a key role in the aspiration - and the practical campaign - for freedom. Songs of slavery yes, but also songs of faith, hope and revolutionary love.

Dilyn y ddysgl ddŵr

Ar y graih

Heddwch fel afon

Balm Gilead

Croesi' Iorddonen

Dofn afon

O'r blaen

Y Llong

Croesi'r Môr Coch

'Sgidia i mi


Â'i lygad arnat ti

Rhydiwch y dyfroedd


Dim bloc ocsiwn

Does neb a ŵyr

Canaan wlad

Dal 'mlaen

O'm holl drallod

'Run trên

Rhown y corff i lawr

Dos i lawr angau

Bore Sabath

Pwy dreiglodd ymaith faen y bydd?

Paid â chyffwrdd fy nillad

Esgyrn sychion

Pan syrth y sêr o'r nef

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