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Wales is the Celtic songland that lies between England and the Irish Sea. It is a country very proud of its national heritage, and noted for its love of singing, yet to the world at large, it is still largely undiscovered. This is a unique collection of contemporary songs by some of Wales’ leading singer/songwriters, unique in that they are all in English! The songs have been taken from the various artists’ predominantly Welsh language recordings, all of which are available from We hope that this collection will introduce the listener to some of the contemporary material being produced in Wales today – Celtica’s best kept secret!

  1. DYFRIG EVANS - Gave You Everything
  2. GEORGIA RUTH - Through Your Hands
  3. DANIEL LLOYD - In a Box (Thinking of You)
  4. FFLUR DAFYDD - Mountain Man
  5. RICHARD JAMES - You Stop the Rain
  6. LOWRI EVANS - Don't Light a Fire
  7. THE GENTLE GOOD - A Man Made of Moss
  8. MEIC STEVENS - She Does Not Know I Have to Go
  9. FFLUR DAFYDD - You Found Me Out
  10. HUW M - The Perfect Silence
  11. DYFRIG EVANS - So Sorry
  12. GEORGIA RUTH - Anna
  13. MEIC STEVENS - Still Waters
  14. RICHARD JAMES - Do You Know the Way to My Heart
  15. LOWRI EVANS - How Do You Do
  16. THE GENTLE GOOD - Waiting for Jane
  17. HUW M - Hide Behind You
  18. DANIEL LLOYD - Take It or Leave It
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