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Ar Log

Saith VII

Saith VII

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This year sees Wales’ first professional folk group Ar Log release a new album – Ar Log VII, their first album in 22 years! Two years ago, in 2016, the group celebrated 40 years of touring in 21 countries over 3 continents, and then in March 2017 the group went back to the studio to start recording Ar Log VII. The recording has, by now, been completed and Ar Log will be launching the album in Tŷ Gwerin at The National Eisteddfod of Wales in Cardiff on August 5th – exactly 42 years since the formation of the group and 40 years since releasing Ar Log (I) at the Eisteddfod in Cardiff in 1978. Ar Log was the first professional group to bring Welsh folk music to the attention of various audiences on an international level. The group has travelled and performed across the British Isles, Europe, and North and South America promoting Welsh music and songs. During their travels they have shared the stage with major international folk artists such as Alan Stivel and Dan Ar Bras from Brittany;, Mary Black, De Dannan, The Dubliners, The Chieftains, The Clancy Brothers, The Furies and Clannad from Ireland; Battlefield Band, Boys of the Lough, Silly Wizard and Run Rig from Scotland and numerous ‘world music’ artists from across the globe. Ar Log was formed initially to represent Wales at a Celtic Festival in Lorient, Brittany, in August 1976, and they were encouraged by The Dubliners to continue performing as a group after the festival, and here they are, 42 years later releasing their 11th album!

  1.  Tŷ a Gardd
  2.  Mabon
  3.  Ffarwel i Ddociau Lerpwl
  4.  Bwlch Llanberis
  5.  Telynor Ifanc Llangwm
  6.  Caru Doli
  7.  Cân John Henry Jones
  8.  Boneddigesau Gwent
  9.  Y Fwyalchen Ddu Bigfelen
  10.  Daw Dydd
  11.  Broliant Bennett
  12.  Ar Hyd y Nos
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