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John Owen-Jones



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Musical theatre star John Owen-Jones releases a new album called Rise. His third for the Sain Label; this new twelve track album stays true to the West End and Broadway star’s theatrical roots whilst simultaneously broadening out to incorporate different musical styles. The album reflects John’s lifelong love for music and displays the musical influences that have helped shape his unique and exciting voice. The album contains musical theatre classics as well as music from the worlds of gospel. soul, classic rock and even Eurovision! This album is as exciting as it is diverse and captures the passion that John puts into his live performances both in concert and on the West End stage.

  1. Rise like a phoenix
  2. Corner of the sky [“Mr Pippin”]
  3. Kiss the air
  4. Empty chairs at empty tables [“Les Miserables”]
  5. Wishing you were somehow here again [“Phantom of the Opera”]
  6. Bui Doi [“Miss Saigon”]
  7. For Good [“Wicked”]
  8. Bread of Heaven (Cwm Rhondda)
  9. How Great Thou Art
  10. You are so Beautiful to me
  11. Motherless Child
  12. Falling Slowly [“Once”],
  13. Holy Night
  14. Anthem Fawr y Nos [Music of the Night: [“Phantom of the Opera”]
  15. Adre’n ôl [Bring Him Home: “Les Miserables”]
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