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Dafydd Iwan & Ar Log

Rhwng hwyl a thaith

Rhwng hwyl a thaith

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During February and March 1982, Ar Log and I toured through Wales, and it was amidst the fun of that tour that the idea of making a joint record grew. Some of these songs were on the prelude of Tour 700, and the instrumental arrangement unfolded from night to night. The song Ciosg Talysarn was born in Cefn Coch, near Llanfair Caereinion, just hours before an unforgettable night at that place, when the wilderness of the earldom was at its height. Preparing for War was composed several weeks later, when the South Atlantic Corps Offensive was in tow. Dail y Teim was added because it's one of those simple-beautiful tones that insists on staying in the memory, and Lleucu Llwyd because it's one of Wales' most recent folk songs, and one of the tour's favourites. The Beginning of the Future is quite different to the others, but a song that is both a challenge to sing and challenges the mind as well, and the stamp of Gareth Glyn's talent is clear on it.

Here they are then, a diverse collection of the intense and the humorous, the heavy and the light, all part of the fun of the journey. Between the fun and the travel, the life of troublemakers like us is full to the margins and worth it - search a few white knobs that became their wake!   Dafydd Iwan.

Side 1

  1. Dail y Teim
  2. Mae Nhw’n Paratoi at Ryfel
  3. Abergeni
  4. Y Blewyn Gwyn
  5. Y Pedwar Cae
  6. Dechrau’r Dyfodol

Side 2

  1. Ciosg Talysarn
  2. Y Dref a Gerais i Cyd
  3. Heol y Felin/Ilffracwm
  4. Lleucu Llwyd
  5. Cerddwn Ymlaen


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