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Porc Peis Bach (Cyfres 1)

Porc Peis Bach (Cyfres 1)

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Eight entertaining and amusing episodes relating the unbelievable escapades of Kenneth Robert Parry, the mischievous son of Llanllewyn village minister, Donald and his wife Dilys during the 1960s; based on the first series of Porc Peis Bach transmitted on S4C. Diawl y Tybaco! Lecsiwn ! Yr Ontryprynŷr! Y Trefnydd Angladdau! Y Penwythnos Crefyddol! Bonso a’r Genhadaeth Drama Y Pigiad! Un o’r Dyddiau Rheiny! Cert. U Full Colour 200 min approx Picture – 4:3

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