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Hogia'r Wyddfa

Pigion Disglair

Pigion Disglair

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The second volume of their most popular songs. “Hogia’r Wyddfa” means “The Snowdon Lads”, and is the name on the most successful close-harmony group ever to record in Welsh. They have taken their music to all corners of the earth, and still pack them in, though their public concerts are now more rare events. This is a collection of some of the best tracks they recorded between 1973 and 1979, the golden era of popular Welsh recording, together with a more recent track from 2001. The pianist heard on all the tracks but the last one is Richard Morris, whose inimitable style helped create the unique Hogia’r Wyddfa sound, and this selection is dedicated to his memory.

  1. Chwarel Dinorwig
  2. Ofer Chwilio
  3. Gweddi Plentyn
  4. Aberdaron
  5. Doedd Dim Ar Ôl
  6. Gwyn
  7. Pont Yr Abar
  8. Y Ferch Ar Y Cei Yn Rio
  9. Cofio
  10. Eifionydd
  11. Draw Mae'r Llais Yn Galw
  12. Lisa Lân
  13. Pe Bawn I
  14. Llongau Caernarfon
  15. Yr Eneth Glaf
  16. Clychau'r Gôg
  17. Cerdd Yr Hen Chwarelwr
  18. Amser Noswyl
  19. Tymhorau
  20. Rhaid I Ni Ddathlu
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