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Pentre Bach 1

Pentre Bach 1

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Pentre Bach, a village in the heart of Wales which is home to some very popular Welsh children’s characters, including Sali Mali and Jac Do, Jac y Jwc and Jini, Pry Bach Tew and Jaci Soch. Episodes:- Ma’ Jini ‘Ma Siop Parri Popeth Stori Dda! Botwm Bol y Cyfrifiadur Taro Bargen Het Wen ar ei Ben a Dwy Goes Bren Jac Codi Jemeima Parti Jac Do Dim Ffws na Ffwdan Creu Hafoc Jac y Jwmper Sych Binc Syth Bin! Gwneud Cawl o Bethau Tipyn o Het Disgwyl Drwy’r Dydd Extras:- Story: Diwrnod Allweddol Running Time: 220 Mins Picture: Full Colour 16:9 Content of DVD previously released on S4CDAD004 and S4CDAD008

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