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Gai Toms a'r Banditos



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Orig Williams / El Bandito is a national icon; he led the Welsh dragon to all parts of the world, grappled with the fiercest of fighters, experienced immense triumphs and great losses… indeed, he lived life to the fullest! A wrestler, an entrepreneur and a family man. Gai Toms has composed a superb album that takes the listener on a sonic journey of Orig’s life, from the ‘golden pavements’ of Ysbyty Ifan to the rumbles in the Calabar jungle, Nigeria. Not only was Orig Williams a wrestler, he was also a member of the RAF, a talented footballer, an ambitious businessman, but most importantly, a loving family man with a burning passion for his homeland. “His autobiographies were an extravaganza of exciting stories; the songs effectively composed themselves!” – Gai Toms In the 80s, S4C was a brand new platform that invigorated popular culture in Wales, and during this period, Gai Toms became a fan of the show ‘Reslo’, and doted on the masterly El Bandito. “I remember going to see the ‘Reslo’ shows, and recall the crowd bellowing ‘El Bandito, El Bandito…’ at the top of their lungs as he entered the ring. There was an all-encompassing feeling in El Bandito’s company that he was a kind of hero, here to protect us.” The album doesn’t adhere to one single musical style – the colourful vitality of the diverse compositions evoke that of Orig’s own life. The instruments, ranging from the accordion, violin, and trumpet to the trombone and saxophone infuse a compelling sense of funk and flare to the work, with inklings of the distinctive zest of Welsh ‘Mexicana’ dispersed throughout the album. The stellar concept album is a sonic celebration of the life of a national legend. “Dad would be so proud, he had a penchant for words and poetry…” – Tara Bethan Orig often quoted famous poets, especially Cynan, and was incredibly fond of welsh poetry. Gai Toms has succeeded in resurrecting the wrestler, through deft use of catchy lyrics and potent musical compositions.

Palmant Aur Y Migneint
2 2449290 Williams O
Reu Reu Reu / Tarw Nefyn
Bwth Mickey Kiely
5 Y Cylch Sgwâr
Marwnad Y Pehalwan
Merched Marged Ifan
10 Dy Wên
11 El Bandito

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