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Huw Chiswell

Neges Dawel

Neges Dawel

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Singer-songwriter, TV producer/director/presenter and actor! These are some of the virtues of Huw Chiswell who was born and bread in Cwmtawe near Swansea. He was educated at Pant-teg primary school, Ystalyfera Comprehensive School and graduated in Welsh from Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities. In his ‘rock ‘n roll days’, Huw was a member of two bands – Y Crach and Y Trwynau Coch, and he composed the classic song Dwylo Dros y Môr to raise money for charities in Ethiopia. In the 1980s he played the role of Carlos the hunk in the film Ibiza! Ibiza! All his albums include elements that are always eminent in his voice and compositions: beautiful ballads and imaginative arrangements with an ear for melodies and straightforward words. His first collection ‘Rhywbeth o’i le’ (1986) included memorable songs such as ‘Parti’r Ysbrydion’ and ‘Y Cwm’. It was followed by ‘Rhywun yn gadael’ (1989) and a private album ‘Cameo Man’ in 1993. ‘Dere Nawr’ was released on the SAIN label in 2003 with a Best of… album in 2005. His new album ‘Neges Dawel’ is a collection that reaches the soul, with a poignant and personal message that he wrote during the last year. It was produced and recorded by Richard Dunn at his studios in Llandaff, Cardiff.

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