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Myfi Yw

Myfi Yw

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In 1990, the three of us, Derec Williams, Linda Gittins and Penri Roberts, received a commission from Opus 30 Television Company (now Rondo Media) to create a famed Oratorio based on the events of Easter. Hefin Owen and the late Mervyn Williams who were responsible for persuading us to set about creating this work for members of the Maldwyn Theatre Company. The Oratorio was performed around 12 times in churches and chapels across Wales and then the production was recorded for S4C at Llanbadarn Church, near Aberystwyth.

The Oratorio is based on the Gospel of St John and in particular on the Easter eights, from the march to glory to Jerusalem to the crucifixion. As we prepared a programme for our performances of the Oratorio, Derec enlisted the help of Huw Dylan Jones, Religious Education teacher at Ysgol y Berwyn Y Bala to set the story of Easter week in context in the Gospel of St John.

It is our hope that the Oratorio I Am will be used by the 'blessed ages' as the message contained within it is relevant and important to all life. Coinciding with the publication of the work by Sain Records, Maldwyn Theatre Company will create a new production for performances during Easter 2019.


Ac yntau am unwaith

Myfi yw goleuni y byd

Y Gwrthod

Ciliodd y dyrfa

Y Swper Olaf

Myfi yw'r ffordd

Ysbryd y gwirionedd


Myfi yw'r wir winwydden

Cariad i'r byd

Casineb y byd

O! Dad, daeth yr awr

Y Bradychu

Cân y ceiliog

Y Treial


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