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Lleisiau Bechgyn Cymru

Lleisiau Bechgyn Cymru

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A compilation of popular songs sung by 11 of Wales’ most loved treble voices Wales prides itself on the depth of its singing talent, and nowhere has this been more true than in the wealth of boy trebles produced over the past fifty years. For the first time ever, the voices of Wales’ leading treble singers will be heard on a new compilation CD to be released by Sain this month. Said a Sain spokesman: “From the 50s through the golden days of Aled Jones to the present day, this CD is testimony to the enormous contribution of Welsh boy singers over the years.” It is difficult to accurately define the appeal of the boy soprano, or treble, voice, but at its best it has a purity of tone and quality which can transport one to the heights of musical pleasure. On this unique collection we can hear the best of Welsh boy singers over the past half century. Emyr Wyn and Philip Watkins were the first to make their mark as recording artists, but the tradition pioneered by them is continued into the 21st century by talents such as Steffan Rhys Hughes and Rhys Meilyr. Outside Wales, the treble voice is mostly associated with church choirs, but although that is also partly true here in Wales, it is the Eisteddfod which gives these young singers the best platform to develop their talents. And as Aled Jones, probably the most famous of them all, readily testifies, the Eisteddfod stage allows the young singer to perform in front of audiences large and small, and gather the confidence which can be the foundation of a wider career. The voice of a boy treble has naturally a limited time span, and there has been a constant demand for a digital compilation of this kind for some years, and it is Sain’s pleasure to respond to this demand by bringing this wealth of talent to to the attention of the world.

  1. Ave Maria - ALED JONES
  2. Oh Holy Night - ALED JONES
  3. F'Annwyl Wyt Ti - PHILIP WATKINS
  4. Dod ar fy Mhen - PHILIP WATKINS
  5. The Christ Child - OLIVER SAMMONS
  6. Ave Maria - OLIVER SAMMONS
  7. Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn - HUW EDWARD JONES
  8. Tawel Nos - DYLAN EURIG
  9. On Wings of Song - CARWYN LLŶR
  10. Morning Has Broken - CARWYN LLŶR
  11. Pwy yw Sylfia? - RICHARD DAVIES
  12. Huna, Huna - RICHARD DAVIES
  13. Panis Angelicus - DARREN ROBERTS
  14. Pie Iesu - DARREN ROBERTS
  15. Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais - EMYR WYN
  16. Y Darlun - EMYR WYN
  17. The Lord is My Shepherd - STEFFAN RHYS HUGHES
  18. I Ti Dymunwn Fyw - STEFFAN RHYS HUGHES
  19. Iesu Yw - RHYS MEILYR
  20. Rho Fory i Minnau - RHYS MEILYR
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