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Rhys Meirion a Robat Arwyn

Llefarodd yr Haul

Llefarodd yr Haul

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The renowned tenor Rhys Meirion and composer Robat Arwyn first worked together as members of Rhuthun Youth Choir, and their friendship has blossomed into a musical partnership which gives this recording a very special quality. Rhys has wanted to make an album of his friend’s compositions for some years, but the tragic loss of his sister Elen Meirion gave an added impetus to the project. Rhys asked Robat to compose a song in Elen’s memory,to words by Robin Llwyd ab Owain, and the result is the first track on this unique album – a tender tribute to a very special person. Robat is heard on this album as a singer in his own right, and as an accompanist, and Rhys’ daughters Elan and Erin are also featured, Erin as a member of Parti Dyffryn Clwyd – a young choir we will certainly hear more about. Together, they make for a very special album indeed.

  1. Llefarodd yr haul
  2. Pregeth y mynydd*
  3. Pie Jesu
  4. Paid byth a’m gadael i**
  5. Anfonaf angel
  6. Nina nana
  7. Agnus dei
  8. Dim lle
  9. Dilyn fi
  10. llefara addfwyn Iesu*
  11. Emyn Priodas
  12. Pedair Oed

(*& Robat Arwyn / ** &Elan Meirion Jones)

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