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Gwibdaith Hen Frân

Llechan Wlyb

Llechan Wlyb

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With their third release, Gwibdaith Hen Frân score a hat trick with Llechan ‘Wlyb, an album full of fun and frolicks. We welcome the entertaining and unique collection of songs, released by Rasal, with a tap of the foot from start to finish. The eclectic album offers bucket load of talent and crossovers in various genres – from gipsy to bluegrass and from jazz to folk. Each band member brings a different element to the album and the range of influences is highlighted in the cross-section of tracks. Once again their music, feeling and thrill are unmistakable. Their strong instrument sounds are to be heard on each track, with the addition of the violin and harp. Llechan ‘Wlyb showcases the personal and humorous stories in the world of Gwibdaith Hen Frân – a fun place to be! Guitarist Paul Thomas said, “There’s a song about sitting in the back of a van on a long journey where my posterior gets numb, another story about Auntie Fanny and Uncle Willy having some fun and another story about one of the lads trying to chat up an English girl in the Ring in Llanfrothen, using one of the best chat up lines ever!” The band’s development is apparent between the first and second album, yet their boundaries are pushed ever further on Llechan ‘Wlyb, as the band members also produced the album in Sain studios. Paul said, “Regular gigging over the past two years has had an inevitable influence on the band and we’re playing tighter that ever, live and in the studio. We’re keen to develop our lyrics, and whereas our songs used to be about the fun we had on the weekends, our weekends are now spend gigging and touring Wales. But…there are still songs about posteriors and lobscouse, therefore the childish element remains!” There are numerous highlights to this release, and almost certainly includes Ping Pong, a fun and exciting track. Paul added, “The lyrics describe our fun weekends and the tempo and mix of instruments keeps it interesting and entertaining. It starts with a bang and makes you tap your feet from start to finish…I think it will be a hit!”

  1. Untro
  2. Gwena
  3. Dau Wy Pasg
  4. Fyny ac i Lawr
  5. Ble aeth y Miwsig?
  6. Meddwl Ddaru Wil
  7. Agor fy Nghalon
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Nionod
  10. Mwsh Mwsh
  11. Anti Ffani, Yncl Wili
  12. Ping a Pong
  13. Mr Mason
  14. Ffordd y Plas
  15. Tanygrisiau
  16. Awtro
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