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Lle Awn Ni Nesa'?

Lle Awn Ni Nesa'?

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Patrobas are Wil Chidley, Iestyn Tyne, Carwyn Williams and Gruffydd Davies; all four are from the Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales. The band was formed three years ago, following the release of their first EP, ‘Dwyn y Dail’ in 2015, the group have gone from strength to strength. While continuing to perform regularly in 2016, each member has matured in their own way. Their musical tastes have become more eclectic. Wil listens to contemporary folk – Mumford and Sons. Iestyn’ taste is slightly more traditional. Carwyn plays bass in the band Fleur de Lys and performs with Candelas from time to time. Gruffydd joined the band after the EP was released, having been a member of an orchestra and brass bands, he brings new ideas and musical tastes into the mix. Every ingredient is important! Spending time at Y Llofft, Fic, Llithfaen (public house) was essential to the writing process, as the band had a location that gave a relaxed yet creative and productive atmosphere, resulting in 10 new songs. The first few bars of the opening track Creithiau (Scars) shows the change in the band’s approach not just to writing and recording, but to the dynamics too, and turning the individual members’ songs into Patrobas’ songs. The songs are varied – some are love songs, some are instrumental tracks, and others convey a more political or humanitarian message. The common ground for these tracks is that they ask some kind of question, challenge a perception or idea, thus creating a crossroads or a choice rather than ending neatly with all the answers. Geiriau Brad (Treacherous Words) offers no answers, but it questions people’s attitudes, and asks them what they are going to do next. There is no “land on the horizon” in Dalianiala (Holdusallah) therefore there is no certainty in the future of its characters. It was this kind of sentiment that gave them the album title. All these developments are very exciting for them, as they look forward to performing the new material up and down the country over the summer months. “Releasing an album of songs based on this recent period in our lives is wonderful. Our development over the past year or so has been key to shaping it. As we worked on the album, everyone got a chance to experiment with different musical styles, and I think that the variety is proof of that.” said Wil Chidley.

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