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Various Artists

I'r Brawd Hwdini

I'r Brawd Hwdini

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This tribute album to one of Wales’ most talented and prolific singer-songwriters, Meic Stevens, is the result of an original idea by Gorwel Roberts of Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion. Once the idea got around, singers from all directions wanted to take part as Meic’s songs had inspired them to start their musical careers. The strange thing is that everyone came up with a different song – not once did we have a song duplicated, it was all as if some super-natural force was making the selection! And as many singers and groups are still working on their contributions, this will soon be followed by a second volume! It is a great way for the musicians of Wales to say “thank you” to the genius from Solva in Pembrokeshire, and to prove at the same time that you can never improve on the original.

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